The 12th Man


“The 12th Man” is a heartfelt short film, brought to life with the generous support of Middlesbrough FC and 27 Productions. This poignant narrative unfolds around a disheartened ‘Boro’ fan, whose unwavering faith in his beloved club is shattered after witnessing a crucial goal against his team. In the depths of his disillusionment, he makes the decision to walk away from the game. However, fate has other plans, as he encounters the legendary figure of Bernie Slaven, a true icon of the ‘Boro.’ Bernie’s powerful reminder that the fans themselves are the indispensable “12th man” reignites the fan’s passion and devotion. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Riverside Stadium, this film, directed by Connor Langley and masterfully shot by DOP Suzi Robinson, celebrates the unbreakable bond between a football club and its supporters, capturing the enduring spirit of the beautiful game.

Director of Photography

Suzi Robinson

Sound Recordist

Michael Lambert


Connor Langley

Sound Mix

Michael Lambert




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