“Uncommon” is a four-part comedy horror anthology series set in the North East of England, celebrated with a Royal Television Society award.

In “A Very Uncommon Christmas,” Chris and Anth plan to rob a bookie on Christmas Eve amidst the chaos of a Zombie World Championship fight. But when the manager unexpectedly dies and returns as a zombie, they’re forced to think on their feet to survive and escape with the loot.

“Takeaway” follows Riz on a routine curry delivery into the remote Northumberland countryside. However, he quickly realizes he’s stumbled upon a family of upper-class cannibals, with him as the main course.

In “Dog,” a World War II veteran embarks on a quest to uncover the culprit allowing their dog to soil his garden. Teaming up with a local troublemaker, they delve into a bizarre mystery that takes an unexpected turn when the full moon rises.